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Thursday, February 13, 2014

How To BE A Good Presenter

We start with the introduction. Introduction to good presenter is a preparation necessary. As a marketing officer we should make good preparations. As a marketing officer we should make good preparations . Among the characteristics of a good marketing officers are :

Ø      Customer Friendly - How to approach customers need us to be prudent and always smiling face and calm . Way in the application and selection is also important in attracting the attention of customers to adapt hear our presentation .

Ø      Have a good Public Relationship (PR) - giving satisfactory service and facilities and complete information about your products . Not forgetting also need to be friendly and polite with the customers so that customers will feel respected and appreciated by us .
Ø      Have a high persuasive skills - known as 'the customer is always right ' should be incorporated in ourselves that patience and calm can be formed within us for various trials and challenges we have to face to face with a variety of clients who do not hassle us can expected occur . Skills and know-how in dealing with various situations we can repair a bad mood and can draw attention to our customers .
Ø  Package the presentation be a good product (though sometimes not so good products) - as a sales and marketing officer we need to have confidence in a product that we explain to the customer so that the customer will also be confident on our product. Although we know the product is not as good as we pass, customers will still be interested in acquiring the product for marketing the product is very good and confident.
Ø       Good knowledge about the product - must learn and know about the product as a whole. This is particularly important if customers ask anything about the product we are able to answer and explain with confidence and do not hesitate.

v         METHOD
There are various methods to introduce and deliver products to customers. Among them is a direct sales and marketing as we go into the field to meet individually randomized as in shopping malls and so on. In addition is the method of opening stalls expos or hold direct talks at the official invitation.Prepare presentation materials such as slides,notes carefully and logically. You also need to know also who the target audience you. Get ready for a quiet and never be too prepared. Do not over prepared because it will cause you to be tired of talk. I have experienced this problem over which I too prepared for a talk so that every sentence I want to be thrown in my head. As a result, I do not see a natural presentation and seemed to read the text. Oh, I am sure audience was so bored with my talk from their facial expressions. The best way is you just memorize the content you want to convey and what the sentence you want to use let it happen spontaneously.

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